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VAT is only for domestic purchases (still including EU as far as I know) so you won't be charged that. Expect to pay a fairly high shipping cost due to weight and size. If I recall correctly Royal Mail was the least expensive if it's available. My orders from DW were never charged a duty, but some from other vendors have been. I think it depends on how the contents are described. I think it was under 3%.

Bill Lawrence
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Thanks for the recent posts offering advice on the Dennis Welch aluminum head.

I’m ready to order, I have never ordered from England before, so would appreciate advice from those who have.

I assume there will be VAT added to their catalogue prices, do they simply add that like we do sales tax?

Is there a possibility of US Customs duty charges?  If so about how much (order should be about U$2200).

Anything else I should be aware of when ordering from England?

               Thanks!       Chappy Rice BN2

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