[Healeys] fuel pumps

Kees Oudesluijs coudesluijs at chello.nl
Tue Feb 18 23:09:46 MST 2020

I encountered this several times.

The diaphragm itself is probably not the problem. What is usually needed 
is removing the diaphragm, clean it using e.g. brake cleaner, dry 
thoroughly, apply a little smear of talcum powder between the layers of 
the diaphragm if the old type multilayer diaphragm is used and assemble 
and adjust the pump again.

What also can go wrong is the adjustment of the slotted piece of steel 
under the cap. This needs to be turned ever so slightly with a plastic 
tool until the pump runs at its fastest rate. A fiddly job. It is also 
important that the magnet is positioned properly as it may influence the 
throw of the diaphragm

If the pump is not delivering enough fuel the wrong type may have been 
fitted. Often AZX1307EP is fitted which delivers a pressure of 2,7psi. 
The correct  AZX1308EP (equivalent to the original AUF301) delivers 
3,8psi. The only difference in the pumps is the spring under the diaphragm.

In general this does not seem to have much influence though.

If you keep a points pump as a spare in the boot, insert a piece of 
accid free paper (e.g. rice paper) between the point. This will usually 
prevent (electrolitic) corrosion of the points. Do not forget to remove 
the paper when installing the pump. Stick a label to the top to remind you.

Kees Oudesluijs

Op 19-2-2020 om 04:09 schreef healeymanjim:
> i bought a solid state SU pos gnd pump a few years back.  once i had ascertained that it functioned correctly, i took it off to
> use as a spare.  it sat in my trunk(boot) for a couple of years until i needed it.  would not pump fuel.  checked it all over and
> could see nothing wrong.  finally sent it to the guy in walnut creek that put a new diaphram in it.  put it back on and all was
> well until i went on a long car club trip and discovered that the fuel pump would give out at 2900 rpm.  drop below that and
> it worked perfect.  made it home and put the old 20-30 year old points type back in and now carry the solid state as a
> spare.  it will get me home but it sure browns me off that it will not work properly.  since i have lots of old SU pumps around
> that i clean up and rebuild i should be able to stay on the road for a while.
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