[Healeys] Michelin 180/ R15 XAS tires Fill up the wheel well too much and rub on late 67 BJ8

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I agree. It would be short sighted to perform a permanent modification to correct a temporary problem.
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I checked my BJ7 and the distance you measured is 9 1/2" on my car, so your fenders are probably in the ballpark.  I don't know if I'd want to be changing my wheel arch profile for tire fit and if you do, it seems 1 inch would be way too much.  If you start removing metal from the lower dog leg, how do you expect to blend it into the rest of the wheel arch without it looking funny?  I'd also check your rear shocks to see if they are allowing that much deflection on the rear wheel openings.  I might follow Richard's advice and look for some different tires rather than doing the body mods.

Happy Healeying,
Rick Neville

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Personally, I'd ditch the tires instead of butchering the car. Probably cheaper in the long run. There are other tires that will give the ride you desire. You can probably re sell the tires.

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Subject: [Healeys] Michelin 180/ R15 XAS tires Fill up the wheel well too much and rub on late 67 BJ8


I decided to use the larger 180/R XAS because those of you who owned them
indicated they fill up the wheel well and do not rub.  The first 100 miles I
did not hear or feel any rubbing until  I took a couple of sharp turns and
heard rubbing on the rear tires.   Because I am replacing the fuel pump, I
had the opportunity to look carefully at the cause of the rubbing.  On the
right rear wheel the rubbing is evident at the edge of the dog leg as you
can see in first picture.  My dog legs have been repaired during the frame
off restoration with a skin panel and the dimensions may not be original.

Last picture the lower part of the panel is 9 1/2 inches to the door frame.
The  one on the other side is 9 1/8 inches long. As you can see the gap with
the wheel in the second to last picture.  It has a larger gap than the right
side.   However, that dog leg shows wear also.  As you can see in the second
picture inside the dog leg skin on the right side attaches to the frame on
an angle.  I am proposing slicing off one inch of skin.  I have a friend who
is an artist with a cutoff saw, can weld a bead on anything and create a
rolled edge.  What would you say to this fix?

Also, on the inside of the wheel well you can see the nut holding the radius
arm sticks out from the indentation into the well and shows light rubbing on
the tire.  I am proposing cutting off the excess thread and then giving it a
smooth dressing which would not disturb the strength of the bolt and or
cause it to unscrew.  What do you think of this fix?

Of course, a little paint afterwards.

I like the ride of the tires and the feel of the road.  I want to keep them.


Bob Begani

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