[Healeys] Choke issues continue

Fred Wescoe fredwescoe at gmail.com
Thu Feb 13 17:31:16 MST 2020


Last week when I pulled on the choke knob of my BJ8, the whole thing came
out of the dash.  The choke cable itself as well as the sheath came away
from the block on the engine side of the firewall and out of the dash.  So,
I decided that replacing all three choke cables may solve my current
problem of an extremely hard to pull choke knob.

The issue I discovered is that the choke cables from the firewall block to
the carbs are not anchored at either end.  When I removed the block from
the firewall, I found that both ends of the two choke cables to the carbs
themselves are loose in the sockets of the actual carb choke fitting as
well as on the firewall bracket.  It seems to me that for the chokes to
work properly, both ends of the two choke cables should be crimped into the
carb itself as well as to the block on the firewall.  This would allow the
cables to lift the chokes off their stops as well as allow them to return
to their off positions smoothly.  This amy also resolve the difficult to
pull choke knob.  The cable sheathing is much smaller than the socket it
fits into at both ends and so there is plenty of slop at the ends right now.

The choke knob is securely anchored to knob on the dash and that tells me
the other end, at the firewall block, should also be secured to the block.

Am I correct in my belief that all the cable ends need to be crimped
securly for the chokes to work properly and freely?

As I resolve all my choke issues, I will relate what I did from the dash to
the carbs.


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