[Healeys] Pebble Beach Class Winner for sale

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Tue Feb 11 12:41:34 MST 2020

I just got a phone call this morning from a friend who had heard from some local folks in the Pebble Beach Sportscar Club that "a 1954 Healey 100 that had been a class winner at Pebble Beach would be coming up for sale at auction soon" but he didn't know anything more than that.
SInce my friend doesn't know much Healey history, he wouldn't know that there was one and only one Austin-Healey 100 that ever appeared on the field at the Pebble Beach Concours (there was a much-modified Healey-based car a year or two ago in a special racing class, but that doesn't count here). That would have been the original demo Healey that Donald Healey drove crosscountry in 1953, and that Healey was shown at Pebble Beach with a best-in-class or best-in-show award to its credit (I've forgotten which, and my book is moot on the point, but does note that the car is still in existence and owned by a private party).
So, does anyone know anything more about the potential sale of the demo car, or some car that sounds similar?

Let us know.
Gary Anderson
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