[Healeys] Filling steering box

Keith Pennell llennep at verizon.net
Sun Feb 9 10:41:04 MST 2020

Found what for me was a quick, easy, nonmessy way to add to/fill the steering box.
Bought a plastic condiment bottle with tapered point on cap from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Paid around $2.  On the advice of a respected Healey friend and follower of this list I purchased 140wt gear oil from O'Reillys Auto Parts.  Filled the bottle, moved it into above the box, tipped the tip into the fill opening and squeezed.   The 140 wt is about 1 1/2 times the viscosity of motor oil.  Took 8-10 minutes and 1.5 bottles full to fill the box.  Worked really well!!  Maybe not do as well with some of these high viscosity products I hear you guys may use.   Don't know.
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