[Healeys] Windshield Rivets

skip saunders tfsbj7 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 6 14:59:40 MST 2020

Last year Jean Caron provided an excellent drawing of the rivets involved in the windshield posts for a BJ8.

I realize that some people are not disassembling that post when they have the windshield frame parts rechromed, but my chrome plater points out that there will be some acid trapped under the loose metal that blocks access to the top hook if one does not take the post apart.   Consequently I'm expecting her to take the post apart prior to plating.   

The good news is that the whole post will be properly plated.  The bad news:  I need to find a source for the rivets.

According to Jean Caron's diagram, I will need

Four rivets - D: 0.143, H: 0.233, L: 0.361 (shortened to 0.240) rivets for the top hooks
Ten rivets  - D: 0.141, H: 0.314, L: 0.375 (shortened to 0.289) rivets for connecting the two major pieces at the side
Eight rivets - D: 0.183, H: 0.343, L: 0.365 (shortened to 0.240) rivets for connecting the two major pieces at the bottom
Four rivets - D 0.184, H: 0.343, L0.267 (shortened to 0.245) rivets for connecting the insert within the posts (countersunk head)

I gather rivets might be obtained from Hanson Rivet and Supply Company.

However, don't know what material the rivets were made of.

Does anyone know more about these rivets?.... should they be stainless steel?,  Brass?, Mild Steel?, Aluminum?

Lastly, what tools are needed to squeeze these rivets....can a hand squeezer do the job?  (Hansonrivet tool HS-30?)

All comments and responses gratefully received.


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