[Healeys] LED headlight and aux light conversion

Bruce Steele healeybruce at roadrunner.com
Mon Feb 3 16:28:37 MST 2020

I posted this on the various Healey Facebook pages, but recognizing that not
everyone does Facebook, I'll add to the list.  I finally got around to
converting my halogen sealed beams to LED using the kit from Little British
Car Company.  Even though the price went up a few dollars since I bought the
kit, it is still a great value (currently $81.00).  After much searching, I
also found LEDs to replace the P36S incandescent bulbs in my auxiliary
lights at LEDLight.com, part #74869W.  I had to spend some time on a
deserted side road aiming everything, but I am very happy with the results.
The attached photo clearly shows the difference.  I don't out-drive my
lights anymore!


Bruce Steele

Brea, CA

1960 BN7

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