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Bob / Listers
That seat slide came from a car that spent its life in Hawaii.  When you dream of a white sand beach, living beach front or other tropical locales, think rust and corrosion.  When an AH sets outside and the rain soaks the carpet and floor pans (include seat slides here) repeatedly it takes its toll. 

During the restoration of a car like this little things creep back into your mind:  
I should have fixed that broken zipper on the tonneau cover, 
How many times did I leave the top down while the car was parked overnight in the driveway. 
It only rains how many days a year on the windward side of Oahu 
What do you mean ;the scuttle seals are there to keep the water out?

This car did not end up being restored. 

See attached photo  This is a reasonably complete car. It was delivered to the house on a trailer and pushed back the driveway (first photo). When I got home from work and decided to open the doors to start cleaning up things, I popped the left door outside handle and it seemed stuck.  Pulled the inside handle and then pulled on the door and the second photo was the result. Good thing the driveshaft was still in place because it was the only thing keeping the rusted through frame rails, sills and floors from hitting the ground or my foot. Good memories!
Happy New Year To All....

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