[Healeys] Cockpit Moulding Doesn't Fit

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The holes in the door, are they 1/8” off ahead of the ones on the moulding? If so move it ahead so it fits, then your overhang will likely be taken care of then you have to cut the front of the piece so you can close the door with a small gap.


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Hello again,

My BT7 was missing the RH aluminum cockpit moulding on the top of the door. I had the other three pieces and bought the missing 4th piece used on eBay. When I went to fit the eBay moulding it required some minor reshaping to get it too match the shape of the door. It fits the shape of the door very well but the holes are off by about 1/8" and the moulding overhangs the rear of the door slightly. I measured the hole location on the eBay piece against the original LH moulding and the distance to the hole from the end is off by the same 1/8". I can't put new holes in the door as the they would be too close to the existing holes.

Is this just another example of variation during manufacturing or could the eBay moulding be from an earlier Healey (BA1 or BA2)? I would like to find a solution that doesn't require drilling new holes in the door.


1960 BT7

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