[Healeys] Wooden Trim Blocks

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Thanks for all your help with the Wooden Trim Blocks, I have it now....Harold


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Anyone have a picture? I have the metal pieces but no wood. But there are several wood pieces that are associated with them I think. Different for my BN7 ?

Richard C

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The block is about 1-1/4” x 1-5/8”

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It is as John says – single screw down through the centre of the block, and the 3 screws into the block to hold the aluminum finishers in place, trapping the door seal end.  The blocks are covered with a thin black vinyl material – the same stuff that is on the spare tire hold down blocks in the boot.

And for Joseph:  you were enquiring about the same area on the BT7:  from memory, I am certain that the carpet piece is cut around the wood blocks.

My BT7 (top -shift tri carb) is all original – all softy trim, carpets. Tonneau, soft top, and so is a pretty good example of the way the factory did things.  The car has also been judged in concours at a pretty high gold level score.

Give me a day or so to get out to the garage (and unpile the car!), and I will confirm all this for both of you, measure the blocks, and get a couple of photos.

Earl Kagna

Victoria BC

BJ8, BT7 tri-carb

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I need help with another piece missing from my barn find. There is a wooden block that goes under these trim pieces on a BT7. From pictures on the internet the blocks looks to be about 2" square. Is there a hole through the block for a self taping screw that goes though the block, through the quarter panel horizontal metal bracket and into the wheel arch? Are the three holes in aluminum trim piece just to secure it and none of them go through to the wheel arch? What are the dimensions of the wooden block and how it is installed?


Thanks... Harold


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