[Healeys] Wooden Trim Blocks

John Spaur jmsdarch at sbcglobal.net
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The wooden block is screwed to the body with a single self-taping screw
through the middle and the three holes secure the trim piece to the wooden
block. I think the block may have been oak.


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I need help with another piece missing from my barn find. There is a wooden
block that goes under these trim pieces on a BT7. From pictures on the
internet the blocks looks to be about 2" square. Is there a hole through the
block for a self taping screw that goes though the block, through the
quarter panel horizontal metal bracket and into the wheel arch? Are the
three holes in aluminum trim piece just to secure it and none of them go
through to the wheel arch? What are the dimensions of the wooden block and
how it is installed?



Thanks... Harold

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