[Healeys] Ho! Ho! Ho!

Steven Kingsbury airtightproductions at icloud.com
Thu Dec 24 09:55:19 MST 2020

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. This has been a wonderful and dreadful year, but through it all the list has provided and for that, I am truly thankful. I thought my car would be running by now and it actually is, but it's not running 100%. Close, but no cigar as they say. A package of parts should be the final fix and I thought they were going to be here yesterday, but yesterday came and went and no delivery. Oh well.
   But in the mean time, Michael, thanks for the wonderful photo of your car, Perry, thanks for the kind words of wisdom and to the list, thank you all for the collective knowledge and encouragement throughout the year! 
   Stay tuned, because I'm bound and determined to have it running well before the end of this year and I will drive in the New Year in style with a huge grin on my face!
   And to all, a good night!
Steven Kingsbury
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