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Thanks, Jean. AFAIK, my car was probably a 'stock' 100M that was shipped 
to the 'States. I'll check the roll bar diameter tomorrow. I can't 
imagine anyone would want a Healey with a stiffer suspension, but I 
guess it could make a difference to racers.

Here's a tip I got today from Tom Monaco: The USPS will ship a 'large 
box' (12x12x6) Priority Mail package up to 70lbs for a fixed cost with 
1-3 day delivery (probably a bit optimistic these days). A couple months 
ago I shipped a single front shock to World Wide via UPS; the cost was 
something over $40, and it took over a week to get to WI. Today, I 
picked up a couple large boxes from the PO--which had a line of at least 
30 people waiting to ship--packed TWO front shocks in it, entered all 
the info online, printed a label and paid with PayPal. The cost was 
$23.75, and the package will be picked up from my front porch tomorrow 
(no trip to the PO!).


On 12/21/2020 9:46 PM, gradea1 at charter.net wrote:
> Folks-I did some research about the items in the Lemans Kits. The kit 
> did not contain any upgraded shocks. However, if you had the kit 
> installed at the Donald Healey Motor works, they could add stiffer 
> shocks 1B8735 (which later became standard on cars from Chassis # 
> 153855 on) for an additional charge. There was a stiffer roll bar on 
> the cars 7H1721 (3/4" instead of stock 1/2", I believe)
> You could also request stiffer rear springs, for a price, 1B8929 
> (standard after Chassis 152233)
> Basic kits could always be upgraded depending on what degree of racing 
> you planned to do. There were many additional gear and overdrive 
> combination options.
> Here is a bit of their encouraging advertising. This is from Piggott's 
> book "100 in Detail".  Hank
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> I'm by no means an M expert but I have a vague recollection that they 
> were fitted with "RXP" shocks, same as the 100S.  I may be completely 
> wrong, just something from the dusty corners of my mind.
> Happy and Healthy Healeydays,
> Rick Neville
> On Sat, Dec 19, 2020 at 10:07 PM Jean Caron 
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>     Bob,
>     In the leaflets issued about the 100M, it says that there is
>     Special setting Front Shock Absorbers. Nothing else I could find.
>     Jean
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>     Anybody know if 100M shock absorbers are different than regular
>     BN1/2s?
>     I think the sway bar was 'uprated,' but don't know about the shocks.
>     Bob

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