[Healeys] Stripped!

Michael MacLean rrengineer.mike at att.net
Sun Dec 13 14:38:15 MST 2020

     I think I invented a new swear word last night in the garage.  I'm sure most of you have gotten creative in that area when working on your car.  I was bolting the engine mounts to the block of my BN2 last night assembled with all NEW rubber mounting pads.  To get all four bolts (two in the block and two on the front plate) lined up, the two UNF nuts that bolt the "L" shaped plate to the outside of the rubber block were removed to aid in getting the holes lined up.  The last thing to do was to re-install the plate and tighten these two nuts.  Top one on, no problem.  While tightening the bottom one, POP!  The bottom nut flattened out the threads on the stud and just turned loosely in place preventing the nut from tightening.  Good thing there were no small children in the garage at that time!  That's another complaint about these fasteners.  I had to send to British Tool and Fasteners for the four short BSF bolts that go into the block at the bottom of the engine mount.   Not cheap.  Moss did not have them in that size for the short length needed to fit the limited amount of threads in the block.  .  The four bolts and nuts that go through the front plate don't have to be BSF necessarily, but anything that is threaded to the block does.  Now another 14 bucks plus tax, plus shipping to Moss for another rubber mounting block last night.  On a positive note, one engine mount is finished and a new swear word is invented that I am sure will be heard within the walls of my garage again.Mike MacLean
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