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Thanks for all that.


I will explore further. I do have a record of 138987 as being in Australia, but its full chassis number is BN1L/138987.


NOJ 392 went back to the UK some years back.


Hoo Roo




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Excellent detective work Harold...you must have good records According to my list, if I use your findings; the car came from batch 4021 (62 cars).  The following cars went to countries other than the US:  Chassis138040 (29) to Denmark, 138100 to Australia, 138987 (45) to Australia...all but 138100 were built prior to August 1953. The first car completed in the next batch 4284 (47 cars), was built on 8-12-53.


This may help Patrick to figure out where the plaque was originally assigned, as 138987 is still in Australia and the whereabouts of 138100 is unknown and the Denmark car was built in December All the other cars came to the US and probably had MPH speedometers and 28% overdrives. It would depend on what supplies were available on the shelf, at the time they were built.


There is a possibility that it was on one of the 4 test cars or AHX17; that they used for record setting. AHR6 (NOJ392)- test car- did eventually ship to Australia after some great history in the UK, and it is restored and existing there now.  Hank 



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I have never seen that Brass Plaque before but I will suggest it could be very rare. This is what I think it is.


The car it came from is a Healey 100 BN1 with a Laycock de Normanville series 1260 overdrive and the 4 speed transmission from the A70/A90 with 1st gear blocked. The rear axle ratio is 8/33 (4.125 to 1) and the tires are Dunlop Road Speed.  The chassis number of the car is prior to 140205 and the car was most likely built before August 1953. I suspect the car had a speedometer in MPH but he car was exported to a country where the speed limits were in kilometres per hour.


According to the Clausager book only a handful of these cars were built with the 1260 overdrive and even fewer were exported to a country with km speed limits.


I trust this helps,




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I've never seen one of these, but I've made similar when my speedometer was acting up.

On 12/11/2020 7:21 PM, p_cquinn at tpg.com.au wrote:



I have been asked if I could identify this brass plaque. 


While I recognise the script as the same as found on page A/5 in the 100 Service Manual and page 22 of the Owner's Handbook, I have never seen the plaque before. 


Anyone familiar with it? 




Patrick Quinn 

Blue Mountains, Australia


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