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Small hands are good-I don't have them, but I use a combination of
things to get the nuts back on the studs. Stubby wrenches are a plus,
but plan on some time at each stud. Here is a photo of how I treat the
inner air cleaner nut and washer on the BJ8 rear carb to r & r it
without it falling into the open frame rail. Using a screwdriver and a
magnet you can safely get it started, then roll it on with the tip of
the screwdriver. Another "trick" I sometimes use is a piece of masking
tape-rolled sticky side out attached to the end of a ice cream stick
with the nut & lockwasher stuck to it. You can get the nut started
then figure how to get it tightened. These cars were engineered to be
assembled, someway, at the factory and never was there any
consideration as to field maintainance. Hank

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	My wife’s hands are much smaller than mine and she seems to have
more hinges in her wrists. She’s a southpaw too which can help.
She’s not patient enough to do the whole job, but she’ll usually
get the nuts started. Useful. Can take some coaxing……


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	I too had the problem of removing my carbs, but on a BJ8 - which
because of the carb size I think was probably harder. I had to
actually modify a perfectly good wrench to get the bottom inside nuts

	A lot of heat and experimenting before I got it right and even then
it only gave me enough purchase to probably get 1/16 of a turn of the

	But loosening the nuts paled in comparison to getting those same nuts
back on. Getting each nut actually located on the stud probably took
one hour each and it involved using grease on my finger tip to hold
the nut in place and try to turn it that first segment of a turn to
get it started.

	Probably one of the worst jobs I have encountered in my years of
working on cars.

	Brian Drab


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	It has been thirty years since the last time I needed to do anything
major on my BJ7 so my memory is not quite clear. Can I remove the rear
carb independently from the front carb? I have already designed a tool
to access the lower hold down bolts. If I remember correctly, I may
have rebuilt and installed the carburetors when I rebuilt the engine,
so access was not much of a problem.


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