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Tue Dec 1 10:12:57 MST 2020

As Michael said, your best bet for the task you describe is a MIG
welder.  A gas torch will heat up a much larger area than you want,
and it will take some time for the target piece to reach a temperature
that is needed (meanwhile igniting surrounding combustibles).  For an
expert weldor, a TIG welder can produce miracles.  But for the rest of
us a MIG machine can do a lot.  

A gas MIG would be best but even a cheaper MIG that used flux core
wire might get the jobs done.  It would be cheaper.

who knows that a grinder is an amateur weldor's best  friend

On Tue, 1 Dec 2020 14:52:47 -0000, you wrote:

>I should like to buy some form of blow torch, something hot. I’m looking for
>something hotter than my regular plumbing item and much cheaper and more
>portable than the big set-ups
with which I’m barely acquainted
.MIG, TIG(?)
>and oxy-acetylene rigs with vast bottles on a trolley. 
>I’m after something with which to heat up stuck bolts, maybe do a bit of
>light brazing or heavy soldering. Something portable
..pick it up, click,
>use it, switch off & move on. 
>I’ve seen one set-up which has two small bottles, one of oxygen the other of
>“High power gas mixture AT 3000”. This latter bottle apparently being a 65%
>butane & 25% propylene mix.
>As you may have gathered, I know nothing of these matters

>As a sample of what I’m looking for, the first task will require a rapid
>heat to solder or braze nuts onto broken off bolts. Rapid because the bolts
>are in the underside of the (previous) seat for my ride-on mower. These
>bolts are surrounded by the foam rubber of which the seat is largely built.
>Were I able to extract them without wrecking the seat, I could probably flog
>the seat on eBay for +/-£75.00 which would largely recoup the cost of a
>torch?? (Parts and labour on ride-ons are ridiculous over here. (UK). For
>example, I used to take my wife’s Porsche 944S2 to a specialist Porsche
>garage. Not a Main Dealer. His hourly rate was less than that of the local
>garden machinery thieves). As ever, I digress.
>So, what should I be looking at? I see MAPP torches, but they don’t appear
>to be much better than my plumbing torch
.? Or are they?

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