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Tue Dec 1 07:52:47 MST 2020

I should like to buy some form of blow torch, something hot. I’m looking for
something hotter than my regular plumbing item and much cheaper and more
portable than the big set-ups
with which I’m barely acquainted
.MIG, TIG(?)
and oxy-acetylene rigs with vast bottles on a trolley. 

I’m after something with which to heat up stuck bolts, maybe do a bit of
light brazing or heavy soldering. Something portable
..pick it up, click,
use it, switch off & move on. 

I’ve seen one set-up which has two small bottles, one of oxygen the other of
“High power gas mixture AT 3000”. This latter bottle apparently being a 65%
butane & 25% propylene mix.

As you may have gathered, I know nothing of these matters

As a sample of what I’m looking for, the first task will require a rapid
heat to solder or braze nuts onto broken off bolts. Rapid because the bolts
are in the underside of the (previous) seat for my ride-on mower. These
bolts are surrounded by the foam rubber of which the seat is largely built.
Were I able to extract them without wrecking the seat, I could probably flog
the seat on eBay for +/-£75.00 which would largely recoup the cost of a
torch?? (Parts and labour on ride-ons are ridiculous over here. (UK). For
example, I used to take my wife’s Porsche 944S2 to a specialist Porsche
garage. Not a Main Dealer. His hourly rate was less than that of the local
garden machinery thieves). As ever, I digress.

So, what should I be looking at? I see MAPP torches, but they don’t appear
to be much better than my plumbing torch
.? Or are they?



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