[Healeys] 3000 rear drum brake linings

P.M. Pollock pollpete at ix.netcom.com
Tue Sep 24 11:00:12 MDT 2019

Yes, new shoes at about 100K.  As I recall evenly worn down close to minimum.

Pete Pollock

On 9/24/2019 4:39 AM, Chris Dimmock wrote:
> Hi Men,
> Serious question.
> Has anyone on this list ever actually replaced their rear drum brake linings because they were worn out?
> Not rear disc brakes. Not front brakes. Only 3000. Only rear drum brake linings.
> Not because they were oil soaked, not misaligned worn, not because of unknown pedigree - I mean just plain old worn out?
> I've never, ever, seen or heard of a set of worn out rear drum brake shoes on a 3000.
> Let me know if you've ever worn out a set of rear brake linings - yes or no.
> Feel free to elaborate on the yes - I've never seen or heard of any...
> I'll reveal the method to my madness soon - but now, I'm collecting data - I don't think anyone has ever replaced rear drum brake linings on a Healey 3000 due to actually wearing them out!
> Best
> Chris
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