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For me, who put the marks there is the first question.  I have seen stamped rod caps (between the bolt holes) with common numbers i.e. “66” and sometimes a separate number, i.e. “+16” when dismantling an engine. Sometimes the numbers are all different. Suspect that the numbers are related to the original engine builder grabbing 6 piston and rod assemblies out of a bin that have to fall into the manufacturers criteria for weight. Last original engine was assembled more than 50 years ago, and I have never been able to discuss this with any of the English old timers. 
Back to my “first question.” Engine rebuilders sometimes stamp all kinds of info on the engine bits they used on a rebuild.  
That can really mess with trying to figure out what the numbers mean.

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I have a few used connecting rods & they have #'s stamped on the big end cap between the two bolts as follows: 2, 23, 44, 70. What does that indicate?
Gary Hodson

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