[Healeys] Carburetor Heat Shield BT7 Mk1

WILLIAM B LAWRENCE ynotink at msn.com
Mon Nov 11 19:17:23 MST 2019

If  I were doing this I think I would just put an extra layer of aluminum sheet in place of the asbestos with some backer board discs to offset it maybe 5/16". Then find a way to direct some air flow between the plates. What you are doing is interrupting the transmission of radiant energy from the manifold. A single layer of sheetmetal will stop 90% of radiant energy directed at it and convert it to heat. The second layer will stop 90% radiated from the first sheet. Air flow between the sheets will remove heat from the assembly through convection. I think that if the heat shield were designed so that there was no line of sight from the manifold to the carburetors you would nearly eliminate most carb heating problems. The exception would be when the hot engine is stopped and there is no air flow at which time the entire engine bay becomes soaked with heat.

Bill Lawrence
BN1 #554
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Hardy cement backerboard you can get at Home Depot or Lowe's

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Any suggestions on the best material to make a carburetor heat shield. I won't re-use the original asbestos part for obvious reasons. The metal part is fine and I just need the insulation material.

Thanks.... Harold
1960 BT7

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