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Simon, I Googled Kenlowe and it showed it has a two wire lead.  You can wire it up as you please. Just check the two wires with a volt-ohm meter to see if either one is common to the fan housing. If not, then the motor to the fan is isolated from its housing. Should be no issue if it is isolated. 
Larry '67 BJ8

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Hi Experts,
I have a 3000. It is Negative earth.
I have an opportunity to buy a Kenlowe, second hand, at a very good price. It is Positive earth.
I imagine that, if I reverse the wires, the fan will run the other way. That’s all very well….goes round and round but will, in effect, be pulling the air rather than pushing. Which is useless.
Is there a solution? Apart from not buying it!

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