[Healeys] Gas cap parts now in tank

Tom Felts Tomfelts at windstream.net
Mon Nov 4 06:22:01 MST 2019

I would think both are larger than the intake line----and some intake lines have a sock type filter over them.  If this is true, they are too big to be sucked into the line.  I guess it is possible for them to block that line but would release when the pump stops.tom
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I may be mistaken Michael but I  think they are made of brass.
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Yesterday when I removed the gas cap preparatory to filling the tank the cap came apart and both the spring and inner pressure plate fell into the tank.Since the tank is steel I am doubtful that I would be successful in extricating the parts by fishing about with a long magnetic wand down the filler neck.Before removing the tank from the car and shaking it to get the parts out I thought I would ask for opinions on whether this is necessary.  Given that the two pieces are made of steel what is the worst that could happen? 

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