[Healeys] Radiator Shovel, continued

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I think that is natural for a Healey. The temp gauge in my Healey always pegs out in the summer. It quickly gets back to 180-190 once I start it up.



’62 BT7


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G'day All,

Reading the various threads of late, I read about a temperature gauge reading almost into the oil gauge...I had this problem with my BJ8 when using a so called waterless coolant...which in fact is endothermic (which means it absorbs heat...not dissipates it) and on heat soak after switch off  the following pics tell the story...

I fixed the problem by draining and flushing all the waterless coolant out and refilling with demineralised water and adding Penrite Classic Coolant additive.

Problem solved...no more overheating!!

Happy Healeying,

Darryl Ross

Wagga Wagga NSW Australia

'67 BJ8

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