[Healeys] fuel sender leak

Robert Begani rfbegani at gmail.com
Mon May 27 02:11:12 MDT 2019

Buy Febreze HD in the larger Container such as Qt. Size from Home Depot etc. and spray on, or soak it several times.  I had a diesel smell in the aft berth cushions of my sailboat and tried several types of solutions, but, Febreze finally did the job.


Washing inside and out and laying it out in the sun would usually work for Gasoline, while Diesel is much more difficult to remove.


Bob Begani



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I might try that as  a last resort, as it is likely to be very expensive. 


Do you have experience using a dry cleaner to get out gasoline odor?




Al Fuller



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Dry cleaner?

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All this talk of leaks from the fuel sender reminds me – any experience in getting the fuel odor out of the armacord that covers the fuel tank? I’ve dried it out in the sun, but it still smells of gasoline.


As I recall, when this happened previously I hosed it off with copious amounts of water, then put it in the sun to dry – which took quite some time, as it soaks up fluids like crazy.


Any better way?


Al Fuller



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