[Healeys] [Shop-talk] B&S mower engine, surging and dying. Ideas?

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My snow blower quits after a certain amount of time. When it does that, it's
usually the air vent in the fuel cap is blocked, and the fuel tank has drawn
a vacuum, so as to not allow fuel to flow...

Al Fuller

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    Ok, I'm out of ideas.  Requesting new ones.

    I have a Craftsman walk-behind mower with a 163cc Briggs & Stratton
4-stroke engine ( engine: 104m02-0008-f1 to be precise ).  It's only 3 or
4 years old, but it will not run.  And it's starting to piss me off.

    It starts normally ( no manual prime or choke, so it takes ~3 pulls but
it always has ), and runs fine for less than 5 minutes.  After that, it
surges rhythmically and after a minute or so of that, dies.  Following that,
it will not re-start until allowed to rest for a few minutes.

    I have installed a new plug, new air filter, new carburetor, and new
ignitor.  I checked and set the gap on the plug and the ignitor to spec (
.030" and .006-.014" respectively ).  Has clean oil, and brand new gas. 
Fuel screen in the tank is clean, as is the fuel hose to the carb. 
Carb bowl has fuel.

    What else can be wrong with it?  It seems to be heat-related, but it has
no cooling system.


Obligatory Shop Content: I can't work on anything interesting until this
damn mower runs.

  David Hillman

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