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The gasket in my fuel cap had hardened and apparently shrunk with age,
allowing gasoline fumes into the boot and car's interior.  I made a
replacement gasket out of sheet rubber about 6" square which I purchased at
Lowes--I am not with the car right now but am guessing that the material is
about 1/8" thick.  I carefully cut out the center removable portion (the
hole in the doughnut) and the OD incrementally leaving as much material as
possible to give a tight seal.  It works fine and I no longer smell gas
fumes, even with a full tank.

I have a second cap onto which I had a short section of copper pipe brazed
and want to try venting the tank and any fumes overboard, perhaps via a
piece of hose out the opening for the right bumper bracket and into the
slipstream.  I will report back....

Best--Michael Oritt

On Sat, May 11, 2019, 5:32 PM Deejay2650 <deejay2650 at gmail.com> wrote:

> G'day Mike, I would trust the length of the Kilmartin straps to be
> correct.They are very meticulous about such things...I suspect that Pancho
> may have made a mistake in his dimensions. In this case, the Moss option
> may have proven cheaper!
> Cheers,
> Darryl
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>> Subject: [Healeys] Aluminum Fuel Tank
>> I am trying to fit the fuel tank into my BN2.  The tank was made by an
>> Ebay seller called Angelheartpancho.  He is actually local to the San Diego
>> area, so I had him make me a 100-4 gas tank in aluminum for a fraction of
>> the one Moss sells..  I recently obtained two tank retaining straps from
>> Kilmartin in Australia.  I don't know if the straps are too short or the
>> tank is too big. I have tried bending them to shape, but one side just
>> won't go into the hole at the rear.  Too short!  Can someone give me the
>> measurements of their 100-4 gas tank?  I'd like to compare.  Also, I was
>> given an original gas cap in pretty good shape.  I would love to use it
>> except for the fact the gasket inside is in pretty bad shape.  I can
>> already smell the gas fumes in the future.  None of the usual suspects have
>> replacement gasket seals.  Has anyone made one before?  What material did
>> you use?
>> Mike MacLean
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