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Just a note about this additive thing.  Thank you to the several guys who replied.  I read and considered each suggestion.  I was on the way to store to pick up the Seafoam and thought I would stop by my long time mechanic to get his opinion.  He talked me into 44K.  Said it is wonderful stuff though pricey.  Stores don't have it but he did (of course).  Well I got a bottle, went to Shell, got the high test stuff (at his rec too 3.34/gal) and am now about to take a 60 mile interstate drive.  Hope it works - I could have bought 3 bottles of Seafoam for 1 bottle of 44K.  Ouch!

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Hi Folks
Anyone have a favorite readily available additive for the fuel system?  Would like to give it all a thorough flushing/cleaning.Keith_______________________________________________
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