[Healeys] Steering Column Seals

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Mon May 20 19:56:52 MDT 2019

Check with David Nock at BCS.  If he doesn't have them, you should be 
able to fab them; use the screw holes and the Moss illustrations to get 
dimensions (or maybe David or someone else knows).  The 'felt' is 
nothing special, just thin (probably the lightest felt weight you can 
buy, in grey).

The blanking panel has a single felt 'seal'--same for the R/H pedal 
holes--the steering column has a plate and a felt on either side of the 


On 5/20/2019 3:07 PM, Michael MacLean wrote:
> I am at the point of installing the suspension and steering of my BN2 
> restoration.  Today I am trying to figure out the two plates and seals 
> that go on the firewall to seal the steering column outer tube.  I 
> have one plate with a through hole on the passenger side, but nothing 
> on the firewall side. Do both of these plates have a seal sandwiched 
> beneath them, or just one?  The seals are not available from the usual 
> suspects, so I surmise I have to make them.  What material should they 
> be?  Just plain rubber?  I have no plate for the seal on the inside of 
> he car.  The only vendors I can find that sell that plate are 
> overseas.  Don't want to make an order for such a small part with the 
> prohibitive shipping costs.  I don't have very much in the way of 
> metal cutting tools to make my own.  Any ideas where to source this plate?
> Mike MacLean
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