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Well, I've not got one of those things in my car. But, I've been working on
linkage issues and taking the "slop" out of the Heath Robinson contraption
that one calls the accelerator linkage. The bush in the P-clip on the pedal
rod (inside the car) was 100% knackered as was the one where the rod emerged
into the engine compartment. The parts book showed felt pads and God know
what but mine just had bronze bushes sitting in a crumbling mess of tarry
old rubber. I'd guess that the rods didn't rotate in the bushes but that the
bushes moved in the crumbled mess. ie a lot of "slop".  You could have a
look at that.

I doubt that's your answer but could be a contributing factor.

Replacing the bronze and mess with the new nylon/rubber bushes did make a

Good luck anyhow.



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Recently the the relay shaft nylon bracket broke (old age) replaced it with
a new one. Relatively easy.


Today went to start the car and revs go all the way to 4000 immediately and
no playing with the accelerator pedal makes a difference. Looking in the
engine compartment all linkage parts seem to be OK and functional.


Any ideas?


BN_4 with HD8 carbs

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