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Tue May 14 17:42:04 MDT 2019

The definitive story.

People still argue about the movie; was it good, bad, boring, OK, etc?  
I've had two Bullitt Mustangs and I still have to convince people the 
movie had nothing to do with my choice of cars (well, except for the color).


On 5/14/2019 1:09 PM, Steve Thomton wrote:
> Bob,
> I wrote story about this for one of the Healey club magazines years 
> ago.  I owned that Healey for years.  I bought it from a gentleman in 
> San Jose who had bought it from the owner during the filming.  He gave 
> me the plates with the car that can be seen in one of the shots when 
> Steve McQueen parks his Mustang in front of it.  The story he (guy I 
> bought it from) told me was that the Healey owner lived in one of the 
> apartments, and while they moved other cars out for shooting, they let 
> him leave his Healey there for the filming (pic attached).  The car 
> can also be seen in another shot in the movie parked in the same 
> place.  I restored the car into a Works Rally Tribute car (pic 
> attached)... I didn't/don't think the film clips added any real value 
> to the car so I didn't worry about it's 5 seconds of fame.  As a WRT 
> car it was on 3 magazine covers.  The car now lives in Australia.
> Cheers,
> Steve Thomton
> On ‎Monday‎, ‎May‎ ‎13‎, ‎2019‎ ‎09‎:‎48‎:‎21‎ ‎AM‎ ‎MDT, Bob Spidell 
> <bspidell at comcast.net> wrote:
> There were several shots of a parked, white Healey in the movie
> 'Bullitt.'  Allegedly, the car belonged to one of the movie crew and the
> director liked it.
> On 5/13/2019 8:30 AM, healeymanjim wrote:
> > most of those shots are made in the studio and they just drag up 
> what is available to shoot the scene.  ever notice how a
> > guy with a hat on in a convertible never loses his hat.
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