[Healeys] Simple camber adjustment fix?

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Exactly how I felt for a bit, Gary.  Actually, the second time I felt that way.  Several years prior, while at a car show 300 miles from home on a Saturday afternoon, I discovered that same shock tower cracked down both the front and rear sides and the shock pulling away.  I lucked out and found (only one!) welding shop open at 5:00 pm on Saturday and just 5 miles down the road from where the hotel was.  He tacked it all together enough to get me home and I later had a welder come to my house and finish the job.....it lasted until I got to Gatlinburg.


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Only a few days ago, on a road trip in north west New Mexico (Four Corners region) I learned a proper British phrase from a true British expatriate for just your situation:

"We are f***ed & far from home"


Seems apropos!

Gary Hodson 


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