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Did they use Phillips head screws to attach the Le Mans plague to the cold air box??

I have to agree they are both lovely looking cars. Why, oh why though, do restorers who purport to know what they are doing insist on using MGB style wood rim steering wheels (‘T’ spoke configuration)? It is so wrong! The correct AH configuration is at 120deg spacing as all you fine people will know. It is as crass as putting the fender spears on backwards - an abomination.JM2CRant over.
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https://paulrussell.com/rSales/classicsNew/180404_67_A-H_3000MKIII-42773/index.php   https://paulrussell.com/rSales/classicsNew/180405_56_A-H_100M-231370/index.php  Ira ErbsPortland,OR      _______                                  _______     (______ \\____1959 BN4____/ _______)         (_________________________)          BT7 engine and disk brakes  1967 MGB   A racing car is an animal with a thousand adjustments. Mario AndrettiPlease excuse random auto corrects and misspelled words_______________________________________________
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