[Healeys] Distributor, PerTronix.

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Wed May 1 17:54:49 MDT 2019

I can't imagine why one would go bad in the boot; I hope the spare I 
carry hasn't gone bad :( (Question: how do you know it's dead?).   It's 
just a Hall Effect sensor and a power transistor AFAIK.  I'll take a 
SWAG, but I haven't tried this myself:

The original Ignitor was essentially electronic points; i.e. a switch.  
IIRC, the module has two leads going to it; Pertronix has simple 
schematics on their site.  One of the leads is power-- (-) for a pos. 
gnd. version--and the other is the lead to the coil primary.  If you put 
the distributor in a vice, grounded the distributor case to a power 
source, wired a light bulb or voltmeter to the Ignitor output lead and 
grounded it to the power source, applied power to the power lead and 
rotated the distributor the light (or voltmeter) would register current 
flowing or not as you rotate

Make sure you have some sort of load--bulb or voltmeter--on the Ignitor 
output at all times; else you have a dead short which could damage the 
Ignitor.  I think Pertronix specifies a minimun load of an ohm or two 
for Ignitor ones.


On 4/30/2019 4:21 PM, simon.lachlan at alexarevel.plus.com wrote:
> You may have read my mail about coils. Probably gave up half way 
> through and so wouldn’t have reached a question at its end.
> During all this saga, I thought that I might swap my 123Ignition 
> distributor with my spare Lucas plus PerTronix which I always carried 
> in the boot. (I take it that an electronic ignition is either 100% 
> alive or 100% dead). But, I was trying everything.
> So, the wretched thing is dead as a Dodo. It wasn’t when it went into 
> the (dry) boot; worked well.
> Question:- can one bench test a PerTronix? Within or without a 
> distributor. I mean bench test at home, not in a fancy lab.
> It’s an Ignitor not an Ignitor II.
> I can see myself putting points back in…..hey ho.
> Thanks,
> Simon
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