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Thu Mar 28 03:39:56 MDT 2019

To tie up a few loose ends and acknowledge advice given:-

1.	The Pro-Race damper was not easy to fit but it did go in. Were I to
have to do another one, I'd wait until the engine had to come out. One feels
that it should go further onto the shaft when it is correctly lined up, but
it is what it is.
2.	LED headlights are very bright and use a lot less energy than
halogens. A pair of H4 headlights and a pair of H1 fog/spots don't make my
volts/amp meters twitch where the previous halogens pushed the needle way
over to the right. Curious to have lights which make a noise. Little cooling
3.	The timing light? Well, it was defective. And, sadly, remains
defective. Pity, it had been a nice tool. But it was older than I'd thought,
'87, so it had done its time. A replacement works and sorted the timing
issues in 10 minutes. (I bought a Gunson Superstrobe. Much more advanced
than my poor old Mac, but rather nasty to look at! Chrome, like a small
boy's toy space gun.)
4.	A Denis Welch oil pump, the "High Capacity" rotor type version, has
raised my oil pressure all round. Better than the "gear type" version,
origins unknown, that was previously fitted. I'd say that the latter was
performing OK, but it typically was less satisfactory for my fairly
restrained type of driving.

So, thanks for the help and advice regarding the above.


Finally, we, over here in the UK, had a snippet on the BBC showing Prince
Charles at a Classic Car Rally in Cuba. Leaving aside any thoughts or
comments as to Charles being in Cuba, it was interesting to see them driving
up in an MG (TD?) to a row of cars with a red MGA and a red Big Healey.
Don't know exactly which type, but its grille excluded MkIIs and IIIs. I
think she was driving!


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