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Sun Mar 17 13:02:04 MDT 2019

I started the timing light saga by asking if I could run my lamp off an independent 12v supply. And the answer was “yes”. (A moot point anyhow as my spare battery has died).

At the time of asking I said something like “I’ve got a Mac timing light and it works fine…”. And it did, last time I used it! Now, it’s  about as much use as a chocolate teapot. One little glimmer and then nothing. 

I shouldn’t have tempted fate……It’s a decent looking thing and I somehow doubt that it’s just given up the ghost while sitting in its case.

I don’t abuse the tool……I connect it and disconnect according to its rather pedantic instructions and I keep it secure in its rigid plastic case. It’s not been bashed around though I came close this afternoon.

Thing is….when I had the car tuned for its Webers on the rolling road about 2 years ago, the guy tried two lights, one of them a Snap-on, before he could get a reading. That got me wondering about lamps in general and then, this afternoon, about my car in particular. And I recalled that these lights seem to be quite fussy in what they like by way of spark plug leads. 

I see that cheapo lights can be had for under £20.00, say $27.00, on eBay. I could just about run to that, but it would be pretty silly if that didn’t work either.

(Our two daily drivers are diesels so I can’t try the lamp out on them).

What else can I say? Car runs OKish. (Timing is off!!). It has a 123Ignition distributor which uses carbon(?) leads. Not copper anyhow. And it has a Sports coil with about 7,000 miles on it. Nothing in there looks dodgy, but does it ever?

Anybody had this sort of thing happen? Any ideas?




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