[Healeys] car suddenly dies

MIKE LEWIS harborislander at aol.com
Wed Mar 20 14:21:42 MDT 2019

Hey Michael,I went through something similar with my 100M couple of years ago,  After going over everything as you described and as others have suggested, determined it was one of the white wires going to the fuse box, one coming from the coil.  Turns out the white wire ends twisted together to fit into the fuse box had one that was just loose enough that it would slightly separate from the other three terminating together and lose contact and car would stop running.  If you looked it appeared okay but barely touching the wire it came separated from the other three and that was it. Apparently it would lose contact if you hit a bump or something and you stopped.  Of course getting out and back into the car might just as easily provide enough bounce that the wire came back into contact and the car would start. Only found it by accident but since I made sure those 4 wire ends were twisted together tightly, have not had the problem again.  I actually soldered the ends together and made for a nice connection with the fuse box.  Before finding this I had changed out the kill switch and an electric fuel pump trying to fix the problem.  
RegardsMike Lewis
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