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Simon,Some timing light instructions indicate that the clamp that goes on the #1 spark plug lead must be oriented with a specific side of the clamp facing the plug. This orientation is probably based on assuming that the car has a specific ground polarity. For example negative ground. Since you said your car runs OKish, I  would suggest using the car battery & connect the positive lead of the timing light to a good source of positive voltage. Connect the negative lead of the timing light to a good source of negative voltage. One of these two can be a good ground connection such as the engine, not a painted surface. I do not recall which way you have the battery hooked up so will not suggest where to connect your leads. Finally, clamp the spark plug lead around the #1 plug wire &  with the engine running pull the trigger on the timing light see if the light flashes. Some timing lights has two brightness settings. Read the instructions to determine if yours does. If yes, try them both. If it is not flashing, try reversing the direction the clamp that is attached to the spark plug wire & check for the light flashing again. Finally, I also assume a 123 distributor is not a "MSD" multiple spark discharge type of electronic ignition device.Good luck.Gary

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