[Healeys] For Want of a Set Screw

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That’s a good idea. Look at current UK eBay:-


Whilst you may not rush off and buy it, you might think he’s had an idea worth borrowing? Until a BA screw turns up….



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Do a search for Lucas switches or, better yet, Lucas panel light switch on ebay.  Many times you can find those NOS parts at something close to wholesale prices.

Neil Anderson

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Thank you all for telling me about the place where it should be located and even one picture I got.


Well, I found the place where it should be but one of the past owners did not only remove the switch but must have pulled the switch out in a way he even made a deep crack in the lower part of the dash.


As one of the big parts suppliers wants more than 70 Euros (more than 80 USD) I really have to think over installing a new one.




Reinhart Rosner

55 AH 100 BN 1

Vienna – Austria



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In the Austin Healey 100 Service Manual there is an illustration, figure 2, that shows the controls on a right hand drive car. Item number 9 is the panel light switch and is shown on the lower portion of the dash below the gauge cluster to the right of the steering column. It is in the same position on a left hand drive car.


Bill Lawrence

BN1 #554 


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Never knew there should be such a switch in a 100. Does anyone have a picture with the location?





Reinhart Rosner

55 AH 100 BN 1

Vienna – Austria


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