[Healeys] Timing light query

Mark J Bradakis mark at bradakis.com
Tue Mar 12 11:25:06 MDT 2019

Fun.  Come home from work and the network is down, no idea when it 
happened.  Oh well, back on the air.

As for timing lights my friend had a repair shop, specializing in 
British cars. He had this fancy, whiz bang digital state of the art 
timing light from Mac Tools, it was pretty nice.  For the most part, 
that is.  Often when I'd go to use it on a customer's car the thing 
would just flip out, giving totally useless readings like 27,000 rpm at 
400 degrees advance.

Not to worry, I'd go to my toolbox and drag out my old Craftsman light 
from about 1970.  It worked just fine.  Unlike the modern one it wasn't 
affected by the incredible amounts of electric noise these old cars 
would produce.  Sometimes you need period tools to work on period cars.


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