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Thank you all very much for the replies. It is, as I’d hoped and expected, not a problem.

No need for any more replies,



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I’m not sure of the problem, leads on the timing light to short to reach the battery location or car battery flat or ???

I use the hot lead from the battery on the starter solenoid and any bare metal on the top of the engine for the ground. Both very handy in the engine bay. 



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Just a quick one….

I have a Mac timing light. Works well, no problems.

Can I connect the + & - leads to an independent, free-standing, battery instead of to my in-car battery?

Yes, I could “suck it and see”, but the device’s destructions are so exacting about the connections - in what order they are made etcetcetc – so careful that I dread an experiment that fries my timing light. Which wasn’t particularly cheap.




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