[Healeys] Anderson-Moment Restoration Guide for sale

Michael Oritt michael.oritt at gmail.com
Sat Mar 9 13:18:01 MST 2019

I have an Anderson-Moment *Austin-Healey 100/100-6/3000 Restoration Guide* that
I would like to sell.

An Amazon search (
shows used ones are going for $200.00-$350.00 and new ones for lots more.

Mine is in perfect condition with no grease, dirt or dog-eared pages EXCEPT
that two pages have a very slight "wrinkling" in a small area in their
center from what must have been a water spill that I did not blot up right

I have no use for this book and will sell it for $200.00 plus shipping.
Please contact me via email:  michael.oritt at gmail.com

Best--Michael Oritt
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