[Healeys] speedometer Cable BJ8

Robert Begani rfbegani at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 13:28:33 MST 2019

So as part of putting the tunnel and interior back together so I can go for
a ride soon, I looked at the speedo angle gear.   On the old gear the short
cable that fits into the trans had sheared off, so I installed a new angle
gear.  Just to see if that was working I installed the short piece of cable,
turned on the engine, engaged the gear and looked down and saw the piece of
cable spinning.  Then I took out the piece of cable and attached the speedo
cable to the dash.  It was not spinning.  Interesting.  So I removed the
cable from the housing and fit it into the angle drive gear and no movement.
Thinking it might be a problem of load, reinstalled the short piece, it
spins even when I apply hand pressure to the end.  Looking at the cable and
the housing and the fitting of the cable up to the stop, etc. cannot figure
why it does not spin.  Before I buy a new cable and housing do any of you
have ideas?


Bob Begani

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