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Even if your car has a "leather" interior that only applies to the seat facings. All other soft trim on the cars was in matching vinyl (or as it was called leather cloth). I presume vinyl would have been the material used when an interior matching surround was specified.

Bill Lawrence
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So, if your seats are vinyl, then you can wrap it in vinyl?  The cockpit surround piece over the dash in my Bugeye is wrapped with vinyl material same as the set cover.  Looks great and is what was done on all Bugeyes.  The other pieces were Brite Dip anodized at Ano-Brite in North Hollywood along with the windscreen frame.  They specialize in British car anodizing.  That was back in 2000.  The three cockpit surround pieces plus the windscreen frame cost me $125 back then.  Four years ago I had the four pieces of cockpit surround for my BN2 estimated by Ano-Brite at $500!  The increased regulations by California trying to save us from ourselves has driven the mom and pop chrome platers and anodizers out of business and increased the cost of equipment and regulations for the surviving larger businesses.  Of course the increase in cost is passed on to the customer.  One reason I send my chrome plating to Canada.

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Mt friend Bob wrapped his trim in leather and it looks great.

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