[Healeys] Oil Pressure and replacing the oil pump

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Me too. DW “High Capacity” type pump which is their version of the older “rotor” type pump. It does a good job.

The newer pumps are “Gear” type.

I gathered, from people who know about these things, that the High Capacity is best all round and the Rotor only comes into its own at high revs.

(All of which begs the question as to why BMC switched from one to t’other!)

As to County, don’t know if they’ve attempted an oil pump. Their water pump is an inferior item, for sure. I studied Michaels’ blog on the topic and stripping down both original types and one County absolutely confirms what he says.



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I installed Denis Welch push rods, along with the DWR-1 cam and hollow lifters, when my engine was done.  I also run a DWR high capacity oil pump.  I run around 40 pounds at speed.


Bruce Steele

Brea, CA

1960 BN7


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Hi Robert, you are the second person that I have heard of who had that problem with "cheapo repo" push rods.

It seems that those that are currently available are produced with too small a diameter of the cup so they seize on the rocker ball and break off.

I would recommend that you inspect all the rocker ball ends carefully then install a set of good used push rods to prevent further problems. 




BTW depending upon who supplied the bad parts you may be able to recover the costs involved.


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When I rebuilt the engine last year I did not replace the oil pump because I had good oil pressure.  Currently, from time to time, while breaking in the engine I am driving the car round trip 20-30 miles down the Tamiami Trail which is an open road for that stretch..  On a recent trip, the weather was cool, so the oil pressure was running 35 to 40 psi while the engine temperature was going up to 180 at 3000 rpm.  At 4000 rpm the temperature climbed over 180 degrees and the oil pressure dropped below 30 psi. .  I am considering replacing the oil pump and remember that there is a discussion about the quality of Moss pumps.  Maybe I should buy the rebuild kit and change gears?


Oh by the way, on the last run all hell broke loose and had the car towed home.  Seems the mushroom on top of one of the push rods broke.  So I am replacing all 12 of them.




Bob Begani

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