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Doesn’t sound fair to us already long time members.

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I believe that most of you know that I edit and publish Healey Marque magazine for the Austin-Healey Club of America (AHCA). It's a 40- to 48-page all-color magazine published 11 times per year (that's every month with the exception of December when a wall calendar replaces it). You can get a good idea of what it looks like at the link https://healeyclub.org/healey-marque
Well, if you haven't been an AHCA member before, and you're not already one, you can get a free club membership for 2020 by simply contacting me with your name and mailing address. This applies to addresses in the USA and Canada (sorry, but postage costs outside the USA and Canada are murder). Just email me at editor at healeyclub.org<mailto:editor at healeyclub.org> and we'll get it going. The February issue will be mailed in just a couple of weeks, so please don't delay and we'll get you on the mailing list in time to receive it.
This is not a typical "club magazine" with page after page about club activities and page after page of pictures of the club's in crowd. We are heavy on marque history and tech, and the regular contributors include John Nikas<https://www.amazon.com/s?k=John+Nikas&ref=nb_sb_noss>, the Healey Museum<http://www.healeymuseum.nl/en/>, the Warwickshire County Records Office (where they hold some of the original records of the Donald Healey Motor Company), and Michael Oritt and Rick Neville of the Healey list.
Merry Christmas, we have a gift of a year of Healey reading - more than 450 pages of it - waiting for you, just for the asking.

Rick Neville

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