[Healeys] 100 Windscreen Asseembly

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I don’t use anything between the glazing and the windshield nor anything between the glazing and the frame. I would imagine that you have the correct thickness of glass, then you go to a glass/windshield shop and purchase a roll of partial roll of their glazing, usually they have two or three thickness, get the one suitable for your use and put it all around cutting at an angle at each corner.


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I have decided to get my windscreen pillars polished instead of painting them.  So, now I can assemble the re-chromed windscreen frame and glass.  I have two questions for the list.  For those of you that assembled a 100 windscreen, did you use an adhesive or a lubricant on the glazing rubber strip between the rubber and the glass and/or the rubber and the frame?  Next question, what did you use for a filler strip, size, hard rubber, soft rubber?  Does it go all the way around?  Is there an assembly tutorial available anywhere? OK< that's another question, but I did not want to send another email.
Mike MacLean

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