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My Hagerty policy does not have a mileage limitation, and the only limitation is not racing it.  As for car covers, I like California Car Cover.  Wide selection of choices for indoor and outdoor protection.  


Bruce Steele

Brea, CA

1960 BN7


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Good Morning Mike


Some (most?) classic car insurance limits the amount of “daily driver” activities you can do with your classic car.  I’d check with your insurance broker as he/she should be able to provide you with some good advice on which way to go.



’65 BJ8


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     Going off the reservation a bit.  This Saturday I am picking up a 1969 MGB GT from a local British car mechanic.  Only two problems with it are a 2018 registration and a weak battery.  The engine has a Weber side draft carb, wire wheels, good paint and no radio.  I wanted something I could lock up when I go in the store.  At least I can drive it over the winter months. 

     What kind of insurance should I get for this car?  Classic car insurance?  Regular insurance will just insure it as an old car.  I don't have room for it in my garage.  What's a good car cover?

     Don't worry, still have the Bugeye and the BN2.  That won't change

Mike MacLean

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