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WILLIAM B LAWRENCE ynotink at msn.com
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It occurs to me that another option would have been a floating caliper assembly in which they could have kept the hydraulic system in place and sealed on the chassis and been able to remove and replace the caliper and pads in a unit.

They must have had something unusual going on which gave them enough of an advantage to cause Enzo to lodge a complaint.

If anyone ever gets close enough to one of these cars to check it out it would be interesting to have a report.

Bill Lawrence
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There are different themes that play
out during the movie for sure. I’ll once
again vote for the father / son relationship
and “the Perfect Lap”.

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On Dec 18, 2019, at 6:51 AM, Bob Spidell <bspidell at comcast.net> wrote:

 OTOH, the 'Hollywood treatment' broadens the appeal; my girlfriend, who doesn't have a gearhead strand in her DNA enjoyed the movie (which makes for a more pleasant after-movie experience).  I also liked that they made Enzo Ferarri look like a jackass which, from all I've heard, he was.  I'm sure most of us on this list would prefer a technical documentary on exactly how the cars were designed, built, tuned and driven but then you'd have an audience of maybe a couple thousand people.

ps.  I thought the 'clunk' they Foleyed-in for gearchanges didn't sound realistic, but I've never driven a GT40 so who knows.

On 12/18/2019 6:38 AM, Stephen Hutchings wrote:
I too remember that in the film they seemed to be swapping out the entire upright assembly.
If you want to watch a good film about that era, see “Shelby American” on Netflix.
I wasn’t at all impressed by “Ford VS Ferrari”…just another Hollywood treatment full of ridiculous inaccuracies.
They’re still using that old 1950’s “B” movie technique where two drivers are supposed to be approaching the end of the Mulsanne straight at very high speed, and they have time to glare at one another!
And apparently all you have to do to overtake is gear down and press the accelerator.
I know it’s Hollywood, but sheesh!

Stephen, BJ8

On Dec 18, 2019, at 12:51 AM, WILLIAM B LAWRENCE <YNOTINK at msn.com<mailto:YNOTINK at msn.com>> wrote:

In the movie, although there wasn't much technical explanation, it appeared that they removed and replaced the entire suspension upright assembly with new stub axles, hubs, rotors and calipers in place. I was thinking they must have used some kind of quick connect on the brake lines with a quick bleeder in place.

Bill Lawrence
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